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HubeiThe rain eyes waterproofEngineering co., LTD. Is located in yichang of hubei province high and new technology company won the national quality management system certification,Hubei province has also been made in building waterproofing materials professional association membership;And won the hubei province issued by the construction of the two......[More and more]

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The rain sunny culture

The company adhere to honesty in,Born at outside,But a constant innovation,Human-oriented management objective;Lean clear,Borne out by evidence of the company management style;Cheng said、See form enterprise brand idea。

We are committed to treat people sincere attitude、Skilled......[For details]

Service concept

The quality of the products、Credibility is the life of the enterprise,On the one hand, we rain clear to all employees“The good faith”For the foundation,To reject any defects on the products and services,With advanced technology in the competition,To be honest attitude,Skilled business skills, and standardized service process......[For details]

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